Connecting with Your Team

JM Rose & Associates truly enjoys influencing the real estate community with positive solutions and processes to make your team and culture perform at their best. We partner with select Broker’s in the real estate or mortgage industry that understand the importance of a good working environment, and believe that supporting and creating a foundation that sets their employees up for success is a major factor in the growth of their company.

JM Rose & Associates will become a compliment to your leadership staff by providing the inspiration, direction, and sales and marketing techniques necessary for your team to perform at their best! Our workshops provide your team with a “road map” for success, giving them the clear direction to immediately generate quality leads and increase their closings. We reinforce this by meeting with your group every other week to review their activities, discuss their pipeline, and move their deals to closing.

We help to create a culture where everyone in your office knows they’re part of the team. By encouraging team performance, and implementing programs that motivate your staff, we will create reasons to celebrate, enhance positivity, and bring a spirit of joyful anticipation to your workplace.

JM Rose & Associates will meet with your team for the initial workshop highlighting the following:

• The Ultimate Lead Generation System
• Five Keys to Success – “Attitude is Everything”
• Tips to Achieving Your Greatest Potential in Life
• Creating your own Mission and Goals
• Determining Desired Income Potential
• Developing Your Strategic Plan
• Articulate Expectations to Achieve Goals
• Mastering Time Management
• Organizational Skills to Increase Productivity

Twice a month, we will meet with your team as a group or individually offering on-going coaching and support as follows:

• Review Goals and Action Plan
• Review Pipeline and Closings
• Discuss New Clients and Sales Activities
• Talk about Challenges and Opportunities
• Celebrate Successes!

Once a month, we will meet with both you as the Broker, and your leadership team to help create a company culture that other’s in your industry admire:

• Discuss your Company Goals
• Develop an Effective Action Plan
• Recruit and Retain new Sales Professionals
• Turn your Agents into Top Producers
• Implement New Marketing Strategies
• Motivate your Team with Rewards Programs
• Celebrate Milestones and Enjoy the Process

If you want to increase your company’s overall production, and create a culture that values employees by providing them with the tools and foundation needed to succeed, please contact us for a free consultation.

“This changed my way of thinking about my business!”

Susan Baudler, Realtor
Castle Real Estate

“I used your dialogue on my listing appointment and got the listing!”

Nicole Dadam, Realtor
Better Homes and Gardens

“Exceptional Energy, Inspiring, Motivational. . .This Really Works!”

Laura Lilly, Realtor
Castle Real Estate

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