Connecting Buyers and Sellers

Connecting with Buyers

P1010680With years of experience, and strong partnerships in Real Estate, Investing, and Lending, we understand all aspects of your transaction, and are able to anticipate and mitigate potential issues that may occur during the process. We know the right questions to ask, have the skill sets necessary to negotiate tough deals, and work hard to continually exceed your expectations. Our Goal. . .to find you a home that’s a perfect match for you and have you as a Client and Friend for Life!

Connecting with Sellers

P1010680When selling your home, it’s critical that the Real Estate Professional you select has the intelligence, foresight, determination, and savvy to bring you the highest return on your investment. We will prepare your home with incredible precision and develop an action plan to ensure the highest possible listing price, with the least amount of work, time and out of pocket expenses on your part.

After connecting the right buyer to your home, our attention to detail, immediate action on all necessary tasks, and strong communication and follow-up with all involved, leave you relaxed and calm knowing you’re in good hands until the transaction is complete.

We feel truly grateful to have had Jeanette Rose as our realtor agent. She did an amazing job helping us get our first home! She treated us as if we were part of her family! She has a way of giving you ease during the process. She's also, very professional, attentive, and would always keep open communication with us and kept us in loop of any new updates. We are very pleased and happy.....and we're sure we will keep in touch!

Arteaga Family

If you have ever thought about selling your house yourself to save the commission, Don’t! You need to hire a Real Estate Agent, especially one like mine Jeanette Rose. At first I thought about selling my home myself because I have done it before. Thankfully, I changed my mind and turned it over to a professional saving me time, money and future liability with my unique property.

Jeanette has a long history in both Mortgage and Real Estate. This experience, combined with her likeable, spicy personality has naturally placed her in a good position to understand the market and sell my home. In my opinion, she is a great choice if you're looking to buy or to sell!

There are many elements to my property, but I think through her experience and good research, Jeanette was able to establish an excellent listing price. She saved us money and gave us a lot of direction on the improvements and staging that was needed, and made herself available to assist us, developing an excellent strategy to launch our house on the market. We are very pleased with her passion, knowledge and honesty. She has made the process so much easier than it would have been if I had tried to take it on myself. I know she can serve your needs too, and you won’t regret one bit of it!

Christel Reagan

If you’re looking to buy a house with a team that will ensure the process is easy and stress free, please visit our“contact us” page or call (209)872-4742.

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