About Us

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Creating JM Rose & Associates has been a natural progression. With over twenty five years in sales and marketing as a business owner and entrepreneur, my experience has enabled me to meet and work with some of the best and brightest individuals and companies. My understanding as a real estate investor and consultant as well as my familiarity with building and owning a Mortgage Company and Executive Staffing Firm have all prepared JM Rose & Associates for next decade of real estate investment and development.

Our team's professional skill sets complement one another, and we all have tremendous energy, discipline, focus and the ability to connect with people. We have decided to collaborate and work together to connect the right real estate opportunities with a group of professionals that can complete the Acquisition, Development, Construction, Sales and Marketing of both residential subdivisions, waterfront custom "spec" homes, or “for sale” residential real estate.

Establishing JM Rose & Associates has allowed us to take advantage of our years of experience and work with the people we trust, on projects that we believe in. We will inspire, lead and influence those we work with to achieve our goals, with a continued focus on producing long lasting client relationships.

Our business is based on referral and our clients become our top marketing force sharing their experience with JM Rose with community leaders, friends, family and co-workers. Thank you for your help in making this dream come true.

The vision of JM Rose & Associates is to connect people in Real Estate as follows:
1) Connecting Investors with Development Projects
2) Connecting Investors with Waterfront "Spec" Homes
3) Connecting Buyers and Sellers with Real Estate Needs
4) Connecting with Your Team to Produce Outstanding Results

Thanks again for viewing our site! You can reach us at (209)872-4742 or visit our “contact us” page.

Life is Good Today,
Jeanette Rose